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We've had a proverbial feast curating all the chefs on Relisted and hope the next year brings more discoveries, new repertoires from the old favourites, parties with dancing shoes, the laughter of friends and tables groaning with food. In the last lap of hosting entertainment - this list will carry you to 2016 with panache. Until then.... ... read more
The year has had it's ups and downs and a cake won't fix everything but it'll certainly help you forget about your problems for a while. Sugar has that affect on us, dopamine levels rise and we feel happier - science FTW baby! We've listed here a bunch of bakers we turn to when we want to get something special for a birthday, anniversary, weddin... read more
'Dilli ki Sardi' is perfect for a live grill - think succulent cuts of beef (erm, we mean buff), pork ribs, malai tikkas, galouti kebabs and roasted veggies served hot off the grill. These guys have been tried and tested, over and over again...yeah, its a tough job but somebody's got to eat all the meat! To help set this up: WhatsApp/ Ca... read more
We don't really care whether you've been good or bad this season; we're not judgemental like that. These Christmas goodies will go really well with that cup of hot chocolate or hot toddy for our boozy friends. So, whether you're hosting a party or attending one, the dessert is taken care of. We've got Cookies, Boozy Christmas Cakes, Bouchés ... read more
Popular advertising would have you believe that a Cadbury hamper is the best gift to share this diwali. Of course we politely disagree - armed as we are with these 3 home bakers whose chocolate confections will drive you crackers. Their flavours, and innovations are the bomb that will make you the undisputed star of the Diwali gifting mob. And ... read more
Macarons are all the rage this season. Imagine when your guests receive a box of macarons for Diwali, the brownie points (pun unintended) you'll get. Miam and Sugarama are Delhi's favourite macaron superstars, so go ahead and order a few boxes of these colourful treats! **Terms and Conditions: Minimum Order of INR 1000 At least 24-48 hour... read more
Brownies might just be the perfect Diwali gift - it's the kind of gift that keeps on giving, as long as you order enough. Sorry! We have carefully put together this list of bakers making the yummiest brownies ever for Diwali. Product details are shared in each profile for you to pick the perfect brownies for your friends and family. Go nuts peop... read more
It's party season folks! Winter's almost here, time to break out your woolies and get down to some serious drinking and debauchery! We know you wants your guests to have a fantastic experience at your next extravaganza, so bring on a professional bartending service to add that extra bit of pizazz to make it unforgettable and more importantly st... read more
Simplicity, they say, is the ultimate form of sophistication. While there is much that can be said about indulgence, unpretentious, simple baking has a special place in our hearts, and is often much more satisfying. Whether you just want a slice of pound cake or a yummy cookie to go with your mid-day cuppa', we've got a great list of home bakers wh... read more
Every week we entice you to try yummy food from our awesome list of home chefs and bakers. This time, in a bid to make it easier for you, we've picked 12 dessert chefs and partnered with The Wishing Chair in Gurgaon to bring to you 'The Sweet Spectacular' this weekend. The Sweet Spectacular is a decadent dessert fest being held at The Wishing C... read more
Cosmpolitans became something of a buzzword on the party circuit. So much so that the number of times a bartender said Cosmo became the benchmark for how unimaginative his cocktail menu was. You'll be so glad we did the sifting, because this list of bartenders continues to impress with changing seasonal menus, innovation on classics and when the ch... read more
As Eid al-Adha (or Bakr Eid) comes around, we find ourselves thinking about succulent and tender pieces of mutton drenched in a rich gravy and melt-in-your-mouth soft kebabs with thick and fluffy Khameeri roti. And this time, for the next 4 days we're opening up our phone lines to you, so call us and place your orders (between 11:00 and 6:00 PM) ... read more
One of the most rewarding outcomes of chasing down home chefs in the city has been the chance to go beyond the mundane and experience some truly great regional flavours. After all, that's what many home chefs are all about - recreating their secret family recipes and bringing us flavour combinations representative of their own unique cultural backg... read more
Whether your continental craving is a humble quiche or lasagna or something more elaborate like a leg of lamb with a rosemary jus, we've got a list of home chefs and caterers that can deliver it to you. So when you get tired of your regular ol' TV dinners and want a change of scene, get yourself a light and flavourful spread from our list of stalwa... read more
Food isn't just about eating. Presentation, aromas, interacting with the ingredients and most importantly engaging with the chef and the cooking process will fundamentally alter your experience. Here are 15 chefs who are happy to come cook at your party. read more
All health trends paint sugar as their favourite villain. Where does that leave all our desserts? Find out what it's like to eat sweet without the guilt with this list of bakers who are substituting sugar, dairy and gluten with organic and natural alternatives. You will find subtler flavours and pure tastes of the actual ingredients coming to the f... read more
We know a good Delhiite loves their chicken and dal, and even those that have shunned butter chicken are partial to kebabs and mutton. But our list here proves there are several regional options that deserve a seat at the table. Authenticated in home kitchens, through inherited recipes and sometimes ingredients brought from visiting relatives, this... read more
They say there's a dessert for every occasion. We think there's one in particular that goes well with every occasion - a chewy fudgy brownie. Whether you're celebrating, commiserating or simply have a sweet tooth you want to indulge, a perfectly baked brownie is sure to hit the spot every time. Lucky for you we know just where to get deliciously de... read more
Pan Asian cuisine has come a long way in the capital. Long enough from when a fancy night out always meant a meal at a Chinese restaurant. We're so happy to usher our nostalgia into this age, where Pan-Asian gastronomy has witnessed a mouth watering explosion and we're well armed with newly acquired chopstick wielding skills and this list. read more
First impressions last. We all know this. Snacks, appetisers and entrées are an integral part of every meal, and it's imperative you get them right to start things out on the right note. In fact, we think these guys are so good it's worth planning a dinner party just to sample them. read more
Shower some extra love this Rakhi by changing up the thaali with some yummy confections brought to you by bakers rustling up something special for you. read more
Here is our list of bakers whipping batter into delicious wonderlands of fondant fantasies and sugar. Call them to commemorate an occasion or, if you're crazy like us - order one for no apparent reason at all and make a special day out of it. read more
Andhra today, Kashmiri tomorrow, there are enough chefs on this list to try out several varieties of mutton curry from different states in India. Chettinad and Andhra cuisines offer up spicy chunks of meat, while kosha mangsho from Bengal registers a dark sweetness, and the Awadhi variants have a pungent gravy to soak up your roti as the meat fall... read more
Most cliches about the big day are true. It's very hectic for the family, you rarely end up eating the food you cater [too busy having fun], and everyone comments on the buffet. It's a relief to have the old guard and new kids on the block in one place to take care of your culinary responsibilities - so that you can save your energy for the fun stu... read more
Summertime for us meant, a steel tin of mango or litchi ice cream hand churned by dadi and steel cones of khoya kulfi from nani. A multitude of flavours arrived through the season on account of the changing availability of fruits, and once in while dadi experimented with "new" flavours like coffee as well. The technology has changed since then, but... read more
Nothing says fiesta like an American barbecue. Stack up on the ribs, wings, burgers and 'dogs for your rainy day shindig. read more
It seems every cuisine worth its salt has a rice and meat dish, jambalaya, nasi goreng. kedgeree, paella, fried rice... and ours is called Biryani. Within India itself there are about 14 different variants of Biryani and many of those are being made right here in Delhi. Take a look at our list of chefs serving up biryani on a silver platter. We'll ... read more
Since we believe cupcakes are perfect for every occasion, these bakers need to be on your speed dial. Give them some notice and they will deliver - literally. read more
A lot has changed since the only cake options available were pineapple or black forest. "Designer" cakes, fondant fantasies, chocolate experiments and twists on old classics have taken Delhi by a storm. We suggest you plan in advance and check out our list of favourite bakers [some old, some new] for this year's celebration. read more
The best of young talent, fresh out of Cordon Bleu, rubbing shoulders with grandma's recipes, churned out of home kitchens - the home chef has evolved and arrived. Home chefs are a unique way to cater for small groups or try out new cuisines. Their dishes pack in punchy flavours and interesting stories alike. Take a look at our pick across cuis... read more
Delhi dinners are invariably served late, so finger foods are essential to any party flowing smoothly. Keep your guests content, and their drinks company, by serving them yummy canapés and snacks from the listings below. Whether it's kebabs & tikkas, or mini quiches & cocktails sliders, these chefs & caterers will be great additions to Act 1 of ... read more
Small shouldn't mean mundane when it comes to entertaining. Here are modern caterers who bring a lot of thoughtful touches and innovative ideas to intimate parties of even 20 people. Call them for warm service, customised menus, beautiful table settings and a memorable night! read more
Get your martinis and mojitos right! After chugging watermelon martinis at a friend's party last weekend, we're convinced a bartender maketh the party. If you've got a party in the pipeline we've got you covered. The bartender is the lynchpin of a successful party and handles the headache of making sure everyone is served while you have fun with... read more