Relisted is a curated directory of the best home chefs, caterers, bakers & bartenders in Delhi.

About Us

Delhi is full of talented chefs and bakers, with many of them operating out of their homes. As a group of four friends who love entertaining and serving great food & drinks, we wanted to create an easy resource to discover these hidden talents.

Whether it's a small gathering with friends, or a large wedding - the chefs, caterers and bartenders on Relisted represent what we believe to be the best that Delhi has to offer. We scoured the online and offline world to identify different sources of curation such as food blogs, news publication and our friends and family to put together a comprehensive list for you to access.

You can search by cuisines, event size, price and services to find the perfect options for your party. We and our friends have found Relisted to be an invaluable resource, and we hope you do too. We'd love to hear any thoughts and suggestions you might have, so feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vendor FAQs
User FAQs
What is Relisted?
An online curated directory of the best home chefs, caterers, bakers & bartenders in the Delhi NCR area. It's a resource for anyone planning a social event, which can range from a dinner for 10 to a 500 people Indian Wedding.
How much will it cost me to be listed?
Nothing! The listing has no fee attached to it.
Why are you doing this?
To solve a problem we have faced ourselves, when seeking interesting options for food and drink. We are passionate about food and want people to have access to high quality and innovative food.
How do I get myself listed?
Send us a message by clicking here. Include your contact details and other information about what you do, and we'll get in touch with you shortly.
Can I make changes to my profile?
NO! We run this town. Of course you can, just contact us and we'll tell you how.
What does the Price Range filters mean?
This filter allows you to Search for chefs, caterers and bakers based on how much they charge using a combination of their minimum order amount and price per item or plate. We have grouped average pricing for each vendor and classified them as either Lower, Moderate or Higher. Additional pricing information is mentioned on profiles as you read more. Prices are subject to change and we suggest you contact the vendor directly for more information on costs. For Example: In case of Cakes and Desserts, Lower means INR 500-1000 per kg, Moderate means INR 1000-1700 and Higher is upwards of INR 2000 per kg.
What does the Additional Services filters mean?
  • Delivery: Chefs and Bakers who deliver
  • Food Without Staff: Chefs & Caterers who will provide food and specific items without requiring that you hire service staff
  • Service and Wait Staff: Chefs & Caterers who provide full service and wait staff for the event
  • Large Orders: Bakers who can service large orders of over 100 people
What do the Food Type filters mean?
  • Appetizers: We have chefs who can do mini quiches, bite size pizzas and other canapes for pick up or delivery. We also have caterers who will cater a cocktail menu for large parties, so be sure to check the Event Size when narrowing your selection
  • Mains and Full Meal: Includes home chefs and caterers who can cater the entire meal for varied numbers or specific items to supplement your meal. For Example: If you’re already preparing a Pasta and Salad for a dinner you can find someone to just a make lasagna for your party
  • Meats, Cheeses and Dips: We have also provided listings of retail stores and vendors who offer cold cuts, cheese platters and dips in several flavours for your party snacks
How does the Nearest To filter work?
When you fill in a location in the 'Nearest To' search box, Relisted throws up the best listing closest to your location but not always in the same location. Note: The top result is nearest to your location and not always the highest ranked listing.

If you do know someone in your location who should be listed on Relisted please contact us.
Why do some listings marked under Delivery not deliver to my location?
Some vendors restrict the distance within which they deliver - which might also change based on how busy they are. We suggest using the 'Nearest To' filter to find those closer to you, since there is a higher likelhood that they will be able to deliver to your location.
Why can't I find vendors who make the particular item I'm looking for?
If you searched for a particular item and we don't have it, we will show you results of chefs who specialise in the cuisine most closely related to your item. You may want to give them a call and check if they will customise a dish you have in mind. However, if nothing shows up, search for a broader category instead of a specific item. For example if a search for Lemon Tart draws to a naught, search for Tarts or Bakers. It is likely that results that show up here will be able to fulfill your need.
How are results ranked?
Results are ranked by taking into account what our team has tried personally, as well as other sources like food blogs, news publications and social media groups. Results towards the top have more sources saying good things about them. Here are the sources of curation we currently use, and we'll keeping adding more as we find them:
  • Our Favourites
  • Family and Friends
  • Chef Recommendations
  • Food Blogs
  • Social Media Groups
  • News Publications
What does 'Our Favourites' mean?
Our Favourites are the chefs, caterers, bakers and bartenders we have personally tried and love. Contact us to find out more.
Why do some listings not have a description?
We got lazy! We kid.

All listings have been hand picked, from a larger pool, and contacted by the Relisted team. Higher ranked listings, based on sources of curation, have more comprehensive notes compared to lower ranked listing with basic notes or none in some case. This is also to indicate product differentiation. When we have nothing to say, we have not embellished the truth, but we still wanted to give you the option to find someone who suits your particular requirements.
Why do some listings not have a minimum order?
I know, right? We've tried in most cases to define minimum order in rupees but there are a few exceptions to this:

A bunch of chefs and bakers are open to taking small orders for pick up. HINT: so if you just want a couple of dishes to supplement your spread, check Food without Staff and the Event Size filter. You should end up with mostly home chefs who are willing to do just a meat curry or only lasagna on order.

Some of the chefs and caterers look at working with a minimum number of people and don't always attach a valuation in terms of money.